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3% daily for 68 days
INVESTMENT   MIN. $30 MAX. $4.999
Up to   100% return
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5% daily for 40 days
INVESTMENT   MIN. $5.000 MAX. $9.999
Up to   100% return
Automatic withdrawals
10% daily for 20 days
INVESTMENT   MIN. $10.000 MAX. Unlimited
Up to   100% return
Automatic withdrawals
About Eart Bitcoin

Welcome to Eart Bitcoin LTD, the company that will be your reliable investment partner for a long time. Eart BitcoinLTD executes the trading of crypto-coins strategically and without risk running it with much security. We provide the best Bitcoin management system based on Blockchain technology. Our main interests which are mining and trading of Bitcoin are surrendering us enough to guarantee the investment of all our clients. We have specialists in mining and trading of Bitcoins with possibilities to attend to investors from all over the world.

The surprisingly increasing value of Bitcoin has opened the doors for many investors and in particular for Eart Bitcoin LTD. Where we have professionals focused 24 hours a day on the trading operations of Bitcoin, achieving profits for our investors and for our company. Eart Bitcoin LTD is headquartered at: 5 Appold St, London EC2A 2DA, United Kingdom, and currently has a capital declaration of GBP 80,000,000. Join our company and make profits by being one of our Eart Bitcoin investors.

Investments Platform
Investment project uses a license script for the valuable work and stable profits calculationnInvestment generally results in acquiring an asset, also called an investment.
Professional Team
Cash flows of the company skillfully managed by a group of specialists with years of experience.A professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns their living.
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